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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 14, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, september 14th, 2011. breaking news. police in laurel are investigating a possible murder-suicide. they found a woman shout to death in the 1400 block of shiloh court. tracy wilkins is live with us. tracy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. laurel police are definitely investigating a murder-suicide here in laurel. take a look behind me. this is the first scene. this happened here in this apartment complex. the summer lynn place here in laurel. this is where a mother was murdered just a few blocks away. the father of her child took his
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own life. just before 8:00 a.m., shot rang out a woman in her 20s had been killed in the parking lot of the complex. her 10-year-old son witnessed the shooting. >> there is a child that witnesses the shooting. the child was not injured and the police officers have taken that child to a neighbor and waited for social services to find a family member. it's a sad situation all the way around. >> reporter: laurel police say that shortly after the shooting in the apartment complex, the suspect then headed over here to this address on cherry lane, a senior center, where he took his own life. >> i don't know if he had any relationship to that building where he shot himself. at this time, did they have any reference or did they just pick that spot? >> reporter: police say the man
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took his life behind the building. he was transported to the hospital where he later died. some employees were concerned about the safety of their own loved ones. >> it is scary at first. >> reporter: family members confirm that he was the father of the victim's child. neighbors tell me that they witnessed the two arguing just a week ago. >> she says, bad language and leave me alone and called the police and the tires were flat and called the services to come blow the tires up. but that's the same car. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the victim nor of the shooter. the investigation is continuing. i'm tracy wilkins, live in laurel, maryland. barbara, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracy. right now police are investigating several people in a deadly shooting.
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it happened just after midnight. police say a man was shot and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. several people inside of the home at the time of the shooting are talking to those people and have not identified a victim. police have now released the identity of a man found dead over the weekend in the district. police say 45-year-old man was found unconscious wearing women's clothing. this is a picture from his website. the washington post reports that he was an engineer. he was found in the 2600 block of 11th street northwest saturday morning. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police described the cause of death. now just three days after the
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tenth anniversary the facility is responding to a haz-mat and more on what is going on. good morning, melissa. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. this is going to continue until 2:00. you can see behind me we cannot get any closer than this. police and haz-mat crews and machinery was tested today. >> wednesday's test of a bio hazard detection center and with three bio hazard detection systems. each piece of mail goes through that and then down into a
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collection point and then every hour that collection is tested they have detected the alarm sounded and the piece of mail is tracked down. there's a bar code sprayed on each piece of mail and it's used to find out where that mail went through, what it went through, and what system it went through. today there are nearly 300 across the country and the postal service has never had an incident with one of the machines. it would look much like today's run through. a meeting far out side and we need to practice and make sure our skills are up to speed 678 we need to make sure our strengths and we have today so many wonderful organizations working together.
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>> reporter: the postal service, police, haz-mat crews, and health department all on hand for wednesday's drill in a real life situation and practicing for such an event. >> extremely important. it's how we keep safe. >> reporter: again, this is just a drill. they have received calls from people worried they run through this exercise once every couple of years at any postal facility with these machines in place. live in capital heights, news 4. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, melissa. turning now to the weather, look at the sky. it's another beautiful, bright sunny morning. some areas could see rain. tom, good morning. >> another september day under
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way. as we look at view from space, weak high prerve you are is holding in. clouds are beginning to move in out to the west and in southern ohio, indiana, a few showers. a little bit of thunder and that's ahead of a front that is approaching us by the evening and into tomorrow. right now the temperatures have climbed to 80 degrees throughout most of the region. it's at 78 at reagan national. sunshine and for the afternoon we have clouds drifting over and quite a bit of sunshine a warm day feeling again like summertime. mid- and upper 80s. and then this evening our sunset will be at 7:18 and a possibility of a few passing showers and thundershowers from time to time during the evening. 80 in early evening and then low 70s by late evening. a look at big changes on the way as we get into friday and the weekend. we'll look at that and into next
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week. that is in a couple of minutes. an astonishing satellite image to show you of the chesapeake bay. we'll show you that coming up. barbara? >> thank you, tom. well, today the flood damaged ramp that connects the fairfax county parkway will be reopened. according to the washington post, it will be reopened in time for the afternoon rush hour. it was damaged last week when floodwaters washed away. meanwhile, inspectors from fema and prince georges county will tour upper marlboro to assess the area there. another man says his foundation of his home shifted. if damage county-wide exceeds $2.5 million, fema will step in
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to help. see something, say something. you can expect to hear that phrase more often if you take metro to work. it's a slogan for the transit agency safety awareness campaign. metro is relaunching that campaign in hopes of encouraging riders to report suspicious activity. you can expect a number of events in the coming months. some of the metro busy stations are aimed at showing riders what to look out for. right now the fbi is assisting maryland police in their search for a stolen tanker truck filled with more than 3,000 gallons of gas. it was stolen late monday or early yesterday in the 25,000 block of commerce lane in maryland. that's in kent county. the truck has been an oil link logo on the side of it and maryland plates. if you have any information about this truck, you're asked to call the police immediately. time right now is 9 minutes
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after 11:00. new uncertainty about the hikers jailed in iran. what happened in court today. plus, the criticism against michele bachmann and
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state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. the attack on a u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan, have left 27 people dead, including
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police, children, and suicide bombers. afghan government officials say all of the attackers are dead from the 20-hour fire fight. the u.s. ambassador says rocket grenades hit with inside the embassy. nato says that the attack will not affect the plan to hand over security. the two hikers will not be released any time soon. they are still reviewing the details of the bail agreement in this case. despite reports that a plane from oman is on its way to iran. president ahmadinejad said that he wi they will be released in a couple of days. but he has no power. he may have tried to humanitarian gesture to score
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points ahead of the meeting at the united nations. >> unfortunately, nothing is settled until josh and shane have left iranian air space. certainly one of the motivations is, as ahmadinejad comes to the united nation's assembly or so, that he will have something positive to write on. >> bauer and fattal were arrested and convicted of spying on iran and sentenced to eight years in prison. iran's judiciary says that shourd's release was not imminent until she was set free last year. >> anthony weiner resigned after posting several embarrassing pictures on the internet.
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and right now president obama is pushing his jobs plan in raleigh, north carolina. he departed raleigh air force base a couple of hours ago. he's urging congress to pass the plan that will create more than 2 million jobs. now they are pushing back over how the bill will be funded. a super committee is looking for trillions of dollars in savings. >> debt has gone up by 40% because it was financed with borrowing and yet he wants to go down that same path again. >>ed it fattest and most effective way to reduce the deaf silt in short term is to put americans back to work. >> house speaker john boehner will introduce his own jobs plan tomorrow. and we're looking out on another beautiful day.
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tom will tell us if it's going to last for the full day. we hope so. >> summer lovers, we have great news for you. we're heating up to around 80 degrees. here's a live look -- take a look at this live -- this was from yesterday, i should say, of the chess apeake bay. it's filled with mud, mud that flowed down from the river. it drains nearly half of the land area of pennsylvania. pennsylvania has had tremendous amounts of flooding over last week and before that from irene. look at all of that mud filling the bay from the top of the bay all the way down to point lookout. and now here's what it looks like from chopper 4. this is from yesterday afternoon. the bay is muddy brown and clogged with logs and debris. all of this coming down from the river. there really huge logs and it's
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certainly is a big hazard for any boaters on the bay. it's going to take weeks for this mud and debris to finally dissipate. here's a live look from the cam rarks showing the sunny sky over the nation's capital this morning and right now at reagan national, 78 degrees. dewpoint is up there. it's humid. it feels like a summer day. national airport from the remnants of lee, over 15 inches of rain. dull let dulle sechlt airport with over 20 inches. we're seeing high clouds moving in from the west. a few sprinkles in northern west virginia from southern ohio. that's ahead of the front that will be coming later today. ahead of that, we're warming up nicely. low 80s to upper 70s in most areas and we're going to have it climb maybe another six or seven
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degrees into the afternoon hour. as we go forward into the afternoon, here is the future weather. these areas with potential showers that may pop up from the west and southwest. as we get into the evening hours, cloudiness and out of the mountains and thundershowers moving in overnight tonight. into tomorrow morning, a few passing showers coming through and mostly cloudy in the morning. clearing out tomorrow afternoon for this afternoon. certainly feeling like summertime. temperatures from the low to upper 80s and lots of sun. high clouds coming in. mostly cloudy this evening. sunset at 7:18 and a possibility of thunderstorms and then 70 by midnight and clouds kwleclear o for the afternoon. temperatures drop by 30 degrees on friday morning and down to the 40s. afternoon highs on friday and upper 60s. it looks like we'll repeat that
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on saturday, too. chilly in the morning. highs in the upper 60s. warmer on sunday but still cooler than average this time of year. monday and tuesday, highs into the low to mid-70s. that's the way it looks, here comes autumn. >> we're ready for it. thank you, tom. still ahead on news 4 midday, the results are in. the dieting program which produces the biggest losers. we'll tell you which one it is. plus, it's time for a full home makeover and the preview of the nate berkus show.
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the new season of the nate bett berkas show begins this week. good morning. welcome. >> so happy to be here. thank you. >> tell us what is going to be new on the show this year. >> barbara, we're in our sophomore year of the show. freshman year we gained our 15 pounds too many things declared. we've cleaned up the show. it's a very unplugged feel and it's really a destination for how to live with great style in
11:23 am
every area of yufr life without spending a lot of minute and every day there are things to be learned. >> you are a very open guy. you don't hold back anything. >> i don't. >> i hope they are inspired. >> there it is. that is beautiful. is this a big -- >> what we did was i had the cameras document the entire renovation from the befores to all of the decisions that i made and then on the show, on the nate show i tell people why i made certain decisions and how they can get any look. >> you call this modern? >> i don't say whether it's modern or traditional because i have things from 1800 to things from across the street from
11:24 am
1970. i think our homes should tell the story of who we are. that's the goal of design. >> i think your viewers love these makeovers. and they are big. >> great. >> oh, my gosh. are you excited? >> holy cow. >> hello. >> oh, my gosh. >> so i was south side while this was going on because i'm here to bring you the laundry room that you are going to love. i wish we would name it that. talk about what doesn't work. >> this is great. oh, my gosh. are you kidding me? i never expected this. >> it's so great for me because we're in the second season of the nate show. i spent ten years doing makeovers on the oprah show and
11:25 am
doing exactly that and i still get to be that guy, barbara. >> everyone is hoping. it's so much fun. >> you're celebrating your 40th birthday? >> i am. it's a crazy, fantastic celebration. i didn't know anything about it. my producers surprised me. we're giving away thousands of dollars. i like to give gifts. it's not as fun for me. and there's a chance for the audience to win all of the things that we give away on the as well. >> tell me things that people can do right now to fix up for fall? >> well, i was on the "today" show talking about color trends and i like the idea of updating with doll lor in small areas. like throw pillows, faces, different containers, things like that. but navy/black.
11:26 am
m metallic accents are popular. the most important thing to do in your home is take everything off the surface, put it all on the dining room table and put it back in the way that the relationships between the objects changes and -- >> edit. >> edit. we all have that dried flower arrangements it's time to vacuum it off or dust it off. >> you don't have to spend a lot of money to design. that's what the show is about. the point of the nate show is did is jam packed with information on how to live with that great, elegant style that everyone deserves to have but how to do it on your budget and
11:27 am
when you get it home and trif the idea, you know it's going to work. because i have approved it. >> fantastic. let's remind everyone that it will air every day at 2:00 p.m. >> 2:00 p.m. >> we'll be watching. >> thank you. so great to have you here. coming up in the next half hour, vaccine controversies. the safety and value of a vaccine for young girls. plus, change is coming to an airport near you. it should be easier to get your
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right now, police are laurel are investigating a possible murder-suicide a woman's body was found around 8:00 on shiloh court and another body was found on cherry lane. police are not saying if they knew each other. on news 4 midday a. plane from oman is on its way to iran but we don't know if the two american hikers will be released. they are still reviewing the details of the bail agreement in this case. president ahmadinejad said that they would be released in a couple of days but he has no power over the judiciary.
11:31 am
on monday michele bachmann took a swipe at texas governor rick perry regarding the vaccine for young girls. kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: to have innocent little 12-year-old girls be forced tofd a government injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong. that should never be done. >> reporter: bachmann hit governor rick perry hard over his 2007 order to vaccinate girls in texas against a very common sexually transmitted virus kuled hpv which has been linked to deadly diseases like cervical cancer. >> this was about trying to stop a cancer. >> reporter: and bachmann made a startling claim about the
11:32 am
vaccine on tuesday. her source was an unnamed mother she says that she met at the debate. >> her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection, and she suffered from mental retardation after. it can have very dangerous side effects. >> reporter: the fallout was swift from medical experts. the drug gardasil is safe. >> our owe electelected officiao get information before they make statements about vaccine control. >> out of 35 million doses, side effects were reported of 19,000. and then there is a political fallout. bachmann tarnished her performance. there's no evidence that the vaccine causes mental
11:33 am
retardation. that's shame. >> reporter: and until the claim of retardation, bachmann had been on safe conservative ground. >> it's not transmitted through casual contact. it should not be subject to the same kind of mandates that other illnesses are. >> reporter: he defended the value of the vaccine. >> this issue about making it available was about saving people's lives. >> reporter: she also raised questions about governor perry's ties to merck, the company that makes the gardasil vaccine. he received $5,000 from merck and found that the campaign received $28,500 from the drug company merck. they hired his chief of staff in
11:34 am
austin, texas. school officials say that it's the largest christian university in the world. michele bachmann will visit there later this month. a teenage boy and girl accused of plotting to murder the girl ds parents. during the investigation, police learned that the 16-year-old girl had made threats against the parents and other family members and gave the gun to her 17-year-old boyfriend who bragged about the gun on facebook. both have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder with larceny. the lawyer who helped casey
11:35 am
anthony is now in aruba trying to help gary giordano. giordano is the last person to have seen gardener before she disappeared. legal experts say baez is not legally able to defend giordano in eye rub ba but can advise his counsel. children 12 and under can soon keep their shoes on and may not have to get patted down. mari peyton reports. >> reporter: privacy advocates have long complained about security measures for children. they say that they are not implement security risks. janet napolitano nap announced
11:36 am
that new security measures are in the works. >> we hope over the coming weeks and months to be rolling that out. >> it's good and fantastic. it's ridiculous when you have children taking their shoes off. >> reporter: parents say going through security with their kids is pain staking. not only for them but other travelers. >> trying to get my bags and his bags and my shoes back on. it's a little bit of a hassle. >> reporter: but others are hesitant. >> when you think about the whole a shoe concept, it could be in a kids' shoe, too. >> he doesn't think that children should be completely exempt. >> what's the difference in the size 6 or 7. if they are willing to blow themselves up, they are willing
11:37 am
to blow children up, too. and here's the kind of an interesting story. don't be surprised if someone approaches you at a convenience store or bus stop and tries to sell you a bottle of tide. thousands of the bottles are being stolen off the shelves at supermarkets in our area and being sold for a profit. it may sound like an odd item to steal but thieves can make shous thousands of dollars. let's take a look at our forecast. tom? >> good morning. we've had a wonderful morning under way. it's getting rather warm. milky blue sky. off in the distance, it's fair tax county in northwest washington. right there where nebraska avenue meets massachusetts and as we look at the view from space over the last 12 hours, a
11:38 am
front is triggering through ohio and indiana, it's going to be coming our way later today. ahead of that, though, we're in the 80s from the mountains to the atlantic beaches. temperatures are right now around 80 degrees. and it is rather humid. and then as we get into the evening hours, maybe showers and thundershowers scattered around the region from time to time. passing showers are possible midday through tomorrow. we have temperatures cooler with the cloud cover tomorrow and then turning much cooler thursday night and by friday morning, many areas will be down into the 40s. afternoon highs in the upper 60s and more on saturday with partly cloudy. milder on sunday, monday, and tuesday. that's the way it looks right now, barbara. >> tom, thank you. more than 30 families who lost homes in last week's
11:39 am
flooding are now caught between political wrangling and a struggle to keep a roof over their heads. a temporary shelter shuts down on friday. many of the flood victims say that that is not enough time and they are begging for the coin tea to, tend that deadline. >> we need more time on our place to stay safe because we don't have no place to g nobody has a place to go. >> prince william county chairman says the county can't afford more help without funds authorized by the president. jer jerry says that it's the government's responsibility to request disaster funds. a new poll shows virge generals support tougher regulation on outpatient abortion clinics. this comes one day after they
11:40 am
vote on regulations that would hold abortion clinics to hospital standards. the poll found 55% support tighter regulations to 22% who oppose them and also found 61% approved of the job performance to disapproved. more than 1300 voters were interviewed. u.s. news and world reports, new college ranking report is out. harvard and princeton are tied for number one. last year they were number one and two. yale and columbia are three and four respectively. five schools tied for fifth place in alphabet cal order. cal tech, m.i.t., stanford, university of chicago and the university of pennsylvania. locally, john hopkins university was 13th. georgetown dropped it to 22. university of virginia took the 25th spot.
11:41 am
george washington university moved up one spot from last year to 50. university of maryland moved up one spot to number 55. virginia tech dropped from 60 down to 71 real estate american university dropped from 79 too 82. still ahead rksz the dangers of date rape and how women can protect themselves. plus, target madness. what must have items on the store shelves are crashing their
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thousands of people are clamoring to get their hands on the target line. the 400-piece line made by the italian maker features the trademark patterns on knit for
11:45 am
299 for stationary and 599 for patio furniture. it's part of the hij popularity. >> i think if you see this on the red carpet, everyone knows it when they see it. the zigzag, colors, the prints, it's unattainable because it's 600 to $12,000 and most items under $40. you can get your hands on it and even people who can afford the real thing, celebrities are tweeting about it because you want one piece. >> everybody likes a bargain. >> the entire line is sold out. >> well, one in four women are
11:46 am
at risk for date rape. and what exactly is date rape? >>. >> it's somebody that they know socially. it implies that you are on and another term for date rape is somebody that you're hanging out with at a bar or nightclub and happen to go back home with them and then ended up being raped. that's different from stranger rape where you walk down the street, dragged, you know, behind the bushes and raped. and actually date rape is much more common than stranger rape. >> i just said, one in four women will be the victims of date rape. are drugs usually involved in
11:47 am
this? >> the most common drug is alcohol. alcohol is involved in about 50 to 75% of the cases of date rape but there are date rape drugs typically see typically associated with it. and there is drugs that get dropped in people's alcohol drinks most frequently and when mixed with alcohol, they are tasteless, odorless, and very quickly within a period of 15 or 20 minutes they start to incapacitate the person that has ingested them. >> and they cannot taste them. the victim does not taste this drug in their drink? >> probably not. in general, they have no taste. there are some that have a little bit, like ghb has a little bit of a salt flavor but in general they are tasteless.
11:48 am
>> are those pretty easy for the rapest to get? >> they are over the internet now. ghb is illegal but can be found at health clubs for body builders. it's legal in europe. >> so how can a woman protect herself? >> be careful. make sure that you are not accepting anything from anyone. if you feel weird after you've had something to drink, go to a trusted friend. i think, because it's a common spern that women have, unfortunately, i think they need to think about what they would do in the event that they are in an uncomfortable sexual encounter. they need to trust their instibts. if they are not feeling safe, they need to make sure that they yell and scream and kick tell
11:49 am
the person that you feel like you're going to get sick rkt take your purse, go into the bathroom and call 911 or maybe you carry mace or something like that to protect yourself in that regard. >> can most women remember the incident after it happens, even after they have been drugged? >> no. that's the problem. that's why those drugs are sort of preferred by people who commit date rape, they cause amnesia. >> that was good advice for women listening. i hope this will help prevent many of the date rapes that happen. >> right. >> thank you. we'll see you next week. >> see you next week. consumers spent less on autos. >> these days it's not just the specific action but macro and economic factors that push pressure on our economy.
11:50 am
it's being held back by political problems complicating other forces that have conspired it against growth and that's what the u.s. secretary told cnbc this morning. speaking during the conference organized by cnbc, geithner said that it's slower than many would like and that's not being helped by the chaos in washington. in other news, retail sales data came out for the month of august and retail sales are unchanged in august. the lack of growth during fluctuations and increased fares about the economy outlook. there is a lot of focus on stocks as they continue to outperform equities. the body will present options for joint eurozone bonds as a step forward to address the debt crisis. we are raising the gains that we
11:51 am
had. let's see how the day pans out. back to you. >> thank you. time now is 11:51. coming up, the best and worst dressed. plus, tom will be back with the big change coming to our
11:52 am
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shedding extra pounds may be easier with a support group than doctors alone. adults lost twice as much weight on weight watchers which has a support group than those under just a doctors care. the average weight loss was 11 pounds for weight watchers versus 5 pounds for those not on the program. it helps keep dieters on track. weight watchers funded this research but the company says it did not have any impact on the outcome. the university of maryland is honoring a fochler coach with a high distinction. he will be playing on the gary williams court. the court naming yesterday williams retired in may, you'll remember, after coaching at the school for 22 years. president wallace low recommended the naming and called him a faithful alum news and iconic figure in men's
11:55 am
basketball. williams led the terps to national championship in 2002 and is the winningnets coach in the school history. several complaints of profane language and offensive signs after the home opener. this paints maryland in a bad light and says that fans have the responsibility to represent with class, dignity, and respect. and maryland's new uniforms have gotten a lot of attention and another local team will sport new gear this year, too. navy will wear nike pro cam bat uniforms for the game on december 10th. there is a navy anchor prominent as is the phase, don't tread on me. it's a popular interlocking
11:56 am
gloves that depict an anchor on the palm. we're going to take a look at some of the stories that we're going to follow this afternoon. here's a preview of things to come. hi, pat. >> hi. he turned a lot of heads on "america's got tal lebt" now the performer is making music in our studio today. and kooming up at 5:00 it's wednesday and it's time to ask, what's your workout, today getting over the workout rut. the woman who enrolled in boot camp to take her workout to the next level. we'll see you starting at 4:00. barbara? >> okay. thank you. we'll be watching. we have time for a final check on the forecast. tom is here. >> great weather for an outdoor work out. if you have the luxury of having the afternoon off, there's the
11:57 am
blue sky over the landscape. high clouds are drifting out in western virginia. they are getting showers. that's ahead of the front that is sweeping in this evening and tomorrow it will give a few passing showers. right now, low to mid-80s throughout much of the region. during the afternoon, peaking in the upper 80s. passing showers through midday tomorrow. much cooler tomorrow night into friday and saturday. morning lows on friday and saturday in the 40s. afternoon highs, the 60s. milder on sunday, monday, and tuesday. that's the way it looks. see you tomorrow morning. >> tom, thank you. we know that she can sing and act and dress up, too. jennifer hudson has made people's magazine best dressed celebrities. no fluke, hudson has made people's list in the past. jennifer aniston and jessica alba made the list. as for the worst dressed, snooki and david arquette among the
11:58 am
stars earning that dubious distinction. and that's it for news 4 tu someday. tune in for more news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6, and then at 11:00. i'll be back tomorrow morning. until then, have a terrific day and we'll see you in the morning.
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